Versailles - eng

Versailles - eng

Do not talk about Monarchy in Paris... It could prove dangerous for your head!

You need to go 20 kilometers southwest of the capital to see how spectacular the life of the aristocrats was during the Ancien Régime. And it was quite taxing: try to picture the 30.000 workers who worked for 100 years to build the castle of Versailles. All of this for four kings... And now you!

Follow me to discover this incredible place who went from the perfect little provincial village Louis XIII fell in love with to the splendid castle built by Louis XIV to display his power to the whole world. Louis XV completed the picture with a touch of style and Marie-Antoinette added the excitement of youth.

We'll explore the sumptuous and intriguing world of French monarchy during a walk through the royal apartments, the Hall of Mirrors and even the magnificent gardens who made this castle one of the most stunning in the world.

Written by AdvenTour - Paris

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